Monday, February 04, 2013

Modulator Systems MS202 Voltage Attenuator / Foot Controller Demo

Another Eurorack controller by Modulator Systems in London, the company that makes and sells interesting accessories for Doepfer A-100 and compatible (eurorack) analog synthesizer systems.
This time they created a cheap, pressure-sensitive pad with a CV-output.
Sadly it doesn't send a Gate/Trigger signal though...

Video: Modulator Systems MS202 Voltage Attenuator / Foot Controller Demo
" The MS202 is a fabric-covered soft touch voltage attenuating pad which can be patched into any voltage source and destination on the Doepfer A100 and similar analog modular systems and synthesizers. The uses are only limited by your imagination but it can for example vary vibrato or filter modulation depth, allow through white noise in drum sounds, add random modulation to notes, allow extra sequencer notes to be triggered, and much more.

The MS202 can also be hit with drum sticks to vary drum synth sounds - though it only outputs a voltage, not a trigger or gate - and works with even greater range as a foot controller, finding use as a wah-wah, volume controller and much more. You can also cover the MS202 with any flexible surface and use it as a hidden variable voltage source"

Price is £39.00 with £5.00 UK shipping or free collection in London, worldwide shipping costs on request.

Video uploaded by ModulatorSystems
Find more info at
(note: it looks like their site is still under construction / not all links work...yet)

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