Monday, April 01, 2013

Using an A-174-1 Joystick for WobWob

I'm not sure how to name my latest collection of short basic tutorials yet, but i am considering the name "PatchPourri" for this weird collection of short basic patch-ideas.

My latest video shows how you can simply use an A-174-1 Joystick for dubstep-like effects.
The idea comes partly from blogpost i wrote about Dmitry Shtatnov's DIY-fader, but i used this patch before on several other occasions.

In the video a 2-note sequence from the MAQ16/3 controls a standard A-110 VCO.
I connected the X-output from the joystick module to the CV input of a VCA, and the Y-output controls an A-121 Filter (lowpass mode).
Very simple, very basic... off course you can expand this in all kinds of ways.
Have fun experimenting!

Video: Using an A-174-1 Joystick for WobWob by PatchPierre

" Short PatchPierre Tutorial
Equipment used: Doepfer A-100, Roland TB-303, Machinedrum "

Uploaded by PatchPierre (subscribe!)

Read how i removed the spring from the x-axis of the A-174 Joystick module at

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