Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Ladik Modules

Ladik J-010 XY Joystick module
Another new video from Ladik popped up on YouTube today.
I'm not exactly sure why, but there is some kind of charm about these kind of small east-European synthesizer companies IMO and finally i have a little bit more info about this Czechoslovakian manufacturer.

Like a site for example, find them now at and have a look at their other products, the Synare 3 clone for example looks and sounds pretty amazing.
I haven't had contact with the owner (yet), but i'm quite interested to know how this all started and where this company is heading to...
I would love to record an interview-session with them for an upcoming interview-series for my blog next winter. (I have a few more people on my list, including Dieter Doepfer himself)

Lakik J-011 J-Math module
Their latest video shows two of their new products;
The J-010, an industry standard Joystick CV controller for Eurorack, with two outputs with adjustable settings for range and offset for both X and Y directions.
and the J-011, The J-Math, a small 2-input Maths module that perfoms basic mathemetical funtions as X+Y, X-Y, -X-Y etc...
It works with control voltages and i assume it will do something interesting with audio too, but the info is not on the site yet.
Find more info about all their products at

Video: Modular XY-Joystick & J-math modules ladik J-010 & J-011 in Eurorack (Doepfer A100) format

" Industrial-grade Joystick ladik J-010 and math module J-011 for Eurorack (Doepfer A-100)."
Uploaded by RuprechtM

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