Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick Tip XIII : Improvised Multiples

The bigger your Eurorack gets, the more often you need longer cables.
In case you don't have enough long cables, i would advice you to put an A-180(-2) Multiples module somewhere in the middle of your system so you can extend your cable-reach from there.
A-164-1 as
If you don't have enough multiple modules, you can also look if you have other options.

A-165 Trigger
Modifier Inputs
You should know that some Doepfer modules have multiple in- or outputs that are interconnected in a way that they can act as multiples as well...

You can recognize these in/outputs by the connected line between the mini-jacks.
The A-175 Voltage Inverter  and A-165 Trigger Modifier  are nice examples,  both have two separate channels, so also two multiples.
The A-164-1 Manual Gate module can even be used as 3 separate multiples.
The 2 outputs on the A-119 External Input module are connected together too, as well as the audio inputs on the A-126 Voltage Controlled Frequency Shifter.
A few more Doepfer modules also have this option, let me know in the comments if you find other modules that have this possibility.

This 'trick' works for CV signals and for audio but I should mention that if you use these modules as an improvised Multiple, most of the times you cannot use the module's original functions at the same time.

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