Monday, June 03, 2013

Quick Tip XII : A-149-1/2 Connection

Since i recently own an A-149-1/2 Quantized/Stored Random Voltages combination i thought it would be a good idea to spend a few blogposts on it.
Sadly something in my mixing-desk popped yesterday, so i can't make any demo's of it right now (or even listen to loud music...) I hope fixing it will not take too long... or cost too much :-(

This first post is very basic, but i have seen the question on how to connect these two modules pop up on forums several times.
This can also be found in the A-149-2 Manual (PDF), but i guess this post (and picture) will provide all the info you need.

The A-149-2 must be placed directly next to the A-149-1 module (I prefer it on the right side as it seems more logic to me)

A-149 connection - A-149-2 on top, A-149-1 below that
The inter-connecting ribbon is the right one,
the ones on the left should be connected to the busboard
The special connecting ribbon cable is equipped with 10 pin female connectors on both ends.
Join the two modules with the supplied 10-way ribbon cable.
Make sure that the ribbon cable is not twisted, and that the colour-coded section is oriented the same on both modules.

One of the female connectors is already connected in the factory to the pin header labelled "JP2 TO A-149-1 EXPANSION CONNECTOR" on the A-149-2 pc board.
The second female connector of this cable is used to establish the connection between A-149-2 and A-149-1.
This female connector is put on the pin header labelled "JP5 EXPANSION" on the main board of the module A-149-1.
For both modules the cable has to be the same polarity (i.e. red wire to bottom for both modules).

Pay attention not to damage any of the parts on the boards.

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