Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Skiff- Friendly

skiff  ( s k í f ) :
" A flatbottom open boat of shallow draft, having a pointed bow and a square stern and propelled by oars, sail, or motor.
[Middle English skif, from Old French esquif, from Old Italian schifo, of Germanic origin.] "

They have been out there for a while, but it seems like more and more people like to use "skiff" type wooden or aluminium shallow racks to house their Eurorack modules.
Flat-bottomed shallow skiffs that often lie down horizontally or are slightly tilted can be very useful in many situations because they fit perfectly on your desktop, next to your computer.
In my opinion they are perfect to put controller modules in them, but be aware...

Walnut Makenoise skiff
The shallow depth of some skiffs might not be enough for the kind of modules you want to put in there.
Be sure that the depth of your modules is tuned to the depth of your skiff and vice versa.
I see a lot of manufacturers putting the word 'skiff-friendly' in their advertisements lately and most of them are usually very shallow, so you would not have a problem with those.

The walnut Makenoise skiff from Analoguehaven in the picture for example has an internal depth of only 1.75 inch (4.45 cm) without a power rail mounted. Now that's shallow...
Imagine that with a busboard mounted inside and figure out how little depth is left for modules.
Not that this is a bad skiff or so, in fact it looks beautiful and can house the most 'skiff-friendly' modules that i know, but i know for sure that my (Doepfer)  A-175 Joystick wouldn't fit in there...

My advice is to check out the depth of the modules that you would like to install in your skiff before you buy one... better be safe than sorry...

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