Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Drone Patch (Modular Synesthesis Tutorial in 2 Parts) by 4LUNDIN

This interesting set of 2 videos was uploaded to YouTube a few months ago but did not catch my attention until now.
The first part explains how the drone sound in the is made, the second one is just the patch...

Video: Drone patch (modular synesthesis tutorial, pt. 1/2, the Patch)

" Demonstrating a quick drone patch. I'm sick, so don't expect anything very pedagogical. Those into modular synthesis would get a clue anyway. Perhaps I was a bit more absentminded than usual. Please note the weird English accent!
After this video was shot, I recorded a track using the patch of this video, that you may hear what it sounds like in high quality. See pt. 2/2"

Video 2: Drone patch (modular synesthesis tutorial, pt. 2/2, the music)

" The music of this video is recorded using the patch drawn up in the video "Drone patch (modular synesthesis tutorial) (pt. 1, the patch)" ( http://www.youtube.com/edit?ns=1&... )
As for the video to the music of this one. Well, it doesn't suit the soundscape at all, but you gotta nuke something. Ignore it and listen!
All sounds comes from the modular. No multitracking. Additional fx from the Octatrack and mx200 (two of them). Mixed in Cubase. That's it, فقط. "

Uploaded by 4LUNDIN

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