Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Video: LFO+A-160+A-161+A-138b+monotribe=FUN by Matthias Semmler

This short video popped up on YouTube recently and looks and sounds quite interesting.
It shows a simple patch playing a short sequence featuring an MFB LFO, an A-160/161, an A-138b CV-mixer and a Korg Monotribe.
A bit of flavor is added with the Korg MS20 Mini through a Harvestman English Tear CV-Converter.

Video: LFO+A-160+A-161+A-138b+monotribe=FUN

" Modular Synthesizer on the Installment Plan. The best method to get a great synthesizer, IMHO. Ask if you want to know more."

Uploaded by Matthias Semmler / Ribosom3000

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