Sunday, August 25, 2013

Future Sound Systems APOW3 +5Volts Adapter

Via MATRIXSYNT i recently discovered Future Sound Systems, a (small?) company in the UK that produces neat Eurorack modules and utilities.

Future Sound Systems APOW3
Besides a few interesting modules that they mention on their site, they also make and sell their own +5Volts adapter for use with Eurorack-modules that need the extra 5 Volts like the Doepfer A-190-1, the Doepfer A-113 Subharmonics Generator and various modules from other brands like for example the Mutable Instruments Braids Macro Oscillator that is shown in this next video.

The FSS APOW3 is basically a 10-pin to 16-pin Eurorack adapter with some electronics on it.
They are compatible with all types of Doepfer-style modules and provide a 100mA +5V supply.
The video below shows how it works and how to install it.

Video: Future Sound Systems FSS APOW3 demonstration

How to use the FSS APOW3 to power Eurorack synthesizer modules which require a +5V supply, without having a +5V rail from your system's power supply.

It looks like a pretty good alternative to Doepfer's own AD5 low cost adapter module, but the cost of this APOW3 is even lower... 
...and also a lot easier to install as the huge old Doepfer A-100NT5 5 Volt power supply which was 'suitable for qualified personnel only because of electrical safety'. (Doepfer doesn't sell these adapters anymore.)

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