Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Video: Creepy (Black) Space Cat

Okay, i seem to have missed 'Black Cat Appreceation Day' (August 17th / info), but to make up for it i'll share this video by Quantegy with you that features a black cat, and that i discovered on Catsynth... who found it at Matrixsynth...
A nice spooky/spacey track that contains a lot of Eurorack.

Video: Creepy Space Cat 
"Discovered something new tonite."
Uploaded and created by kj6bbs
Quantegy on Twitter

Black Cat Appreciation Day August 17th 2013:
" Did you know that Black cats in the USA are often put to sleep and the least adoptable, they are put to sleep at a rate of nearly five times over all other fur colors.
An online event to help change the myths and that bad luck thing that keeps them from being adopted and are put to sleep in shelters today in alarming numbers. Please Help Us Support The Black Cat by showing your love"

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