Saturday, August 31, 2013

Future Sound Systems AJAK 2 Bipolar LED Voltage Indicator

Although i am on a very tight budget lately (I still haven't got the funds to fix my mixing desk), I did have a tiny amount left on my PayPal account to treat myself on a new little gadget.

Today I received my package from Future Sound Systems, a small independent musical device manufacturer based in both Gloucestershire and Surrey, England.
FSS builds modular synthesizer components and accessories, predominantly for Eurorack format.
I blogged about their APOW +5Volts module a week ago, you can find it HERE.

Future Sound Systems AJAK2 Voltage Indicator
The AJAK2 is a simple device that you can plug into any mini-jack-socket to check if there is any voltage output (positive and negative)
Basically it is a 3.5mm jack plug connected to bipolar LED, where the Blue LED indicates positive voltage, and the Red LED indicates negative voltage.
It is also available in a Red/Yellow version as AJAK1

It's a fun little thing, especially if you like blinking lights on your Eurorack... like i do :-)

The indicator is (almost?) identical to the LADIK Modular Checker that i blogged about earlier this year, I assume that this one also starts glowing if it registers a signal of approx 2 Volts, but i have no equipment to check this...

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