Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2Egress Studio Furniture and Cases

After the recent wave of interesting new Eurorack-modules you might run out of rack-space pretty soon...
I recently stumbled upon a Canadian firm that builds and designs studio furniture and Eurorack cases.

A few of the 2Egress Eurorack case-designs
2Egress is a three year old small business located in Toronto, Canada that specializes in technical furniture for recording studios and film editing suites.

"Growing up with an avid woodworking father, Brock inherited a love for all things wooden, and developed a passion for restoring classic racing sailboats.
These experiences have been stepping stones to the high quality, detail oriented pieces that he designs and builds today.

As a schooled audio engineer and musician, it became clear to Brock that studio furniture had become stuck in the 60's and 70's - ugly and utilitarian to excess, the standard pressboard self-assembled furniture available was not recognizing the unique needs nor aesthetic discernment of the industry.
Some time ago they had been invited to build a Eurorack case and have decided to continue building them ever since."

12U 104HP wide custom case for Damian Taylor
Recently they designed and built a double wide 12U 104hp modular case for Grammy-nominated producer Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Unkle, Arcade Fire, The Prodigy).
It houses four Doepfer PSU2’s and 8 Bus Boards, has two IEC power connectors on the rear and even a matching rear panel to compliment his studio space.
They included 1/4” connectors on the rear with passthroughs to the front of the case. 
See the building-process HERE, and the finished product with modules installed HERE

I really like this sort of craftsmanship, that's why I think it is worth posting it here.
If you are looking for a new case or rack, contact them to find out what they can do for you.
They mention worldwide shipping on their website...
Based on the pictures they seem to make good quality products with an eye for detail.
Watch their site as they will be adding some very funky cool cases in the very near future.
Loads of drawings are already just waiting to be pumped into their CNC machine...

Also check out their impressive portfolio at

I also added their RSS newsfeed to the right column of this blog >

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