Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random Video: Cardio Bass & Respiration Synth by Ukrets

Mark Mennings (@sensien) brought this next video to my attention.
A nice example of biorythmic/posture control of a doepfer modular.

Video: Cardio Bass & Respiration Synth

" Ukrets uses the biomusic performance and authoring platform. Performed by the Holminid with synthesis by Sensien, using a modular analogue synth. Everything is generated from live biosignals and postures, except the obligatory 808 kick that was added for structural support. The track consists of two patches recorded in succession, mixed without any further editing or processing. Jaala, Finland, July 2013."
" ...we convert the signals from the wireless sensor belt to OSC, which is then used to create triggers and control ableton. This is converted to CV."

Read more about it on MuffWiggler,
and don't forget to check out electronic physiological music

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