Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Dream of Wires Extended Interviews

"I Dream of Wires" is a crowdfunded independent documentary film about the resurgence of the modular synthesizer and is written and directed by Robert Fantinatto with Jason Amm (Ghostly International recording artist Solvent) serving as producer and co-writer.

The 'Hardcore Edition', a four-hour long 2-DVD-set, was released a few months ago and distributed amongst the crowd-funders and pre-orderers all over the world.
- sale started September 16 via

The 4-hour long documentary Hardcore Edition is definitely worth watching/buying, but if you don't have the funds, you can also entertain yourself by watching the Extended Interviews that are still online at their Vimeo account.

If you're not familiar with the I Dream of Wires Extended Interview series, they've released 9 of them so far. See the list below.
They will be releasing one more free Extended Interview piece in 2014.

Edit Dec 13, 2013 - I Dream Of Wires Extended Interview #10 is now online, with none other than Trent Reznor and Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails...
Find it at

I Dream of Wires - Extended Interview Series:
9. Chris Carter:
8. Richard Devine:
7. Solvent:
6. Orphx:
5. Made in Canada - Modcan & Intellijel:
4. Carl Craig - Modular Pursuits:
3. Drumcell - Modular Techno:
2. Allan Ravenstine and Robert Wheeler of Pere Ubu:
1. Richard Lainhart:
I Dream Of Wires showcase - MUTEK 2012:
I Dream of Wires:
Hardcore Edition DVD, Blu-Ray and
 accessories are still available to order at:

Read more about IDOW on PatchPierre.Net HERE

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