Sunday, November 10, 2013

PatchPierre Twitter Lists

Over the last few weeks I have been making various synth-related Lists on my PatchPierre Twitter account.
I personally think they are a great resource for synth-news and can be very helpful if you need a synth repair service or if you are looking for a new case...
These lists will be expanded over time, i hope you can help me by DM-ing me the Twitter accounts that I might have missed, or just leave a comment below...

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So far I made 7 separate Lists containing:

Modular Synth Makers
A public list of mainly Eurorack module-makers. Feel free to DM me more suggestions...
Synthesizer Magazines
Synth mags... online or printed on dead trees
Synth Shops
Synthesizer- sellers from all over the world
Synthesizer Manufacturers
Makers of synthesizers and drum-machines from all over the planet 
Synthesizer Bloggers  
Synth fanatics who like to share... - list still under construction...
Synth Repair Services  
People and shops who might be able to help you with your broken synth 
Modular Case Makers
Makers of modular cases and studio furniture 

Please subscribe to the lists/follow and/or help me to promote them online.
Feel free to contact me for other list-ideas and if you have additions to existing lists.
Thank you in advance!

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