Sunday, November 24, 2013

QU-Bit Electronix Nebulæ

QU-Bit Electronix is a new Eurorack modular synthesizer company based in North America founded by Andrew Ikenberry and Jason Lim.
They love open source hardware/software, and put their knowledge together to create this first QU-Bit module, the Nebulæ.

QU-Bit Nebulæ module 
Nebulæ is an audio file player/granular oscillator in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format.
It uses sound files to create loops, melodies, granular clouds, drones, pads and any sound recorded audio is capable of generating.
It comes with 1 GB of royalty free samples recorded and mastered specifically for Nebulæ.

Main features:
- Plays .wav, .aif, .flac , and .ogg files from a USB device- No naming convention for files
- Independent control of pitch and speed
- 1 V/oct pitch tracking
- MIDI control over all parameters
- DSP engine by Csound ( Csound is a C-Based Audio Programming Language)
- Looping / one shot capabilities

Video 1: Nebulae Drum Break

" Demonstration of the 'freeze' and granular functionality of the Nebulæ Eurorack module by QU-bit Electronix"

Video 2: Nebulae Loop Controls

" Demonstration of the looping/cropping functionality of the Nebulæ Eurorack module by QU-bit Electronix"

Video 3: Nebulae Looping Mode

"Demonstration of the Nebulæ Eurorack module by QU-bit Electronix in Looping mode"

The Nebulæ looks like a pretty awesome and flexible module to me, especially with the easy file-import via USB.
It can be yours for USD 429.00
They are now (december 6) accepting a limited number of pre orders on the site ( and anticipate to start shipping in mid to late December.

Say hi to them on Twitter: (new)

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