Thursday, December 02, 2010

Most Wanted II - Drum Modules

Drum-synthesizers and drum-machines have been around for a long time.
The first analogue drum synthesizers were introduced in the 1970s, and everyone remembers those classic analog and digital rhythm-boxes made by big companies as Roland, Korg, Simmons and Linn.

 The Mid-nineties analogue revival triggered a whole bunch of new manufacturers like MAM, Vermona and MFB (to name a few) to produce (modular) drum synths.
I always wondered why Doepfer hasn't come up with a modular drum series yet.
The only drumsound-providing module they released so far was the A-117 Digital noise/808 Source, a module that only produces two 808 sounds... ehh well... building blocks.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could fit a variation of different Doepfer drummodules in your rack, perhaps an A-117-X series? How about dedicated Basdrum, Snare, Hihats, Cymbal, Clap and Toms modules etcetera, with (dynamic) triggers and CV-controllable functions like decay, tune, attack and so on, so you could use any CV signal ( like from an LFO or ADSR) to change the different parameters. I see a world of interesting possiblities.

In combination with trigger-producing modules like the A-160/A-161 Clock Divider, the A-166 Logic module and/or a sequencer i'm sure modules like this could create very interesting and vivid rhythms. And how about control with one of the forthcoming touch-sensors...? Hmmmmmmm.... Want!

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