Saturday, December 18, 2010

PatchPierre Mobile Template (beta)

Good news for visitors on Android, iPhone and other mobile devices. As of now the site is visible in the mobile template, with quicker loading times and easier browsing through the posts.
The site now automatically  changes into the new template when you visit it, but you can also get there by scanning the QR code or following this URL:

Nokia / Symbian users can still download the
PatchPierre Mobile App HERE ( 3500+ downloads already )

UPDATE December 25th 2010:
Thanks to the OVI-store, people on Android,iPhone or other mobile devices can also use the OVI-Template of the PatchPierre site... it even looks better than Blogspot's own template.
Try it out and point your browser to 
( Don't forget to bookmark it! ) 

...or scan this QR-code to go to the OVI-template:

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