Tuesday, December 07, 2010

50th PatchPierre Post


Funny how time flies....It's time for a small celebration.
The reason is because this is my 50th PatchPierre post.
What started out as a personal  hobbyblog has turned out to be quite an impressive collection of interesting posts... (if i may say so myself...)
When i started it, in March of this year, i never expected it to go this fast, and i am still impressed by the number of readers and the variety of countries where they come from.

I would also like to take the opportunity in this post to thank a few people here for their inspirational and motivational support throughout the process of shaping this blog;
In the first place i would like to thank Marc Weerts ( @MarcJX8P ) from the band 87PM ocean-coast.kara-moon.com ) for the idea of the subtitle of the blog (Connected Chaos), and for his valuable feedback in all these months.
I would also like to thank Loek van der Helm ( @wonderhelm ), mainly for his technical (PatchPierre-app)-support.
Last but not least i would like to thank Tony Steventon from Synovatron Electronic Music for his most recent input and all the positive feedback.

Thank you (and all other regular readers) for the support and for keeping this blog alive. Without you all it wouldn't be what it is now. Please feel always free to comment/react on my posts, and if you have any topic-suggestions, tips or sites that i should know about, please let me know.
I hope this blog will stay interesting in the future, i still have many (wild) plans for posts and DIY-projects ( My first set of switches,sockets and LEDs will probably arrive next week ).
I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Congratulations Pierre - onto blog 100 then and a big thank you for sharing all this interesting stuff with us all!

    Marc JX8P