Friday, December 17, 2010

SiteTip II : Doepfer A-100 series modifications by Nick Keller.

Another nice site i stumbled upon in the last weeks in my search of Doepfer DIY info is the Doepfer A-100 series modifications site by Nick Keller at

This site offers some great (and easy-looking) Doepfer-modifications, complete with step by step explanations and pictures. Most of the modifications are simple but very usefull and consist of adding more switches, inputs and outputs to the frontpanel. Very interesting stuff... I'm looking forward to try some of the examples and hope that the parts i ordered from Doepfer will arrive soon, so i can start experimenting on my first Doepfer-projects.

The mods described will most likely void any warranty and, if not done carefully, can damage the circuit board, IC chips, and faceplates.

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