Friday, May 23, 2014

Doepfer A-101-6 Six Stage VC Opto FET Filter/Phaser Update

A-101-6 Six Stage Opto
FET Filter/Phaser prototype
In march of this year Doepfer announced the
A-101-1 Six Stage VC Opto FET Filter/Phaser.
This week however, Dieter released a statement about this module:

" After playing around with the module and the comments of people who tried the prototype we are no longer sure if we will release the A-101-6.
The circuit is a bit complex (especially because of the filter mode switching which requires altogether about 20 electronic double-throw switches) and consequently the module will be a bit expensive. 
And the FETs generate a lot of distortion in the sound as they are not linear circuits (like the vactrols).
I think we will do some sound examples and then ask interested customers if they are willing to pay the price. Maybe we offer a lower priced version of the module (< Euro 100) with jumpers instead of the electronic switches.
In this case the user will be able to configure the module by means of the jumpers as lowpass, highpass or allpass.

Best wishes
Dieter Doepfer" 
Source: Yahoo Doepfer A-100 Usergroup

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