Saturday, May 03, 2014

Erica Synths Polivoks VCF Clone Video by @DivKid

DivKid uploaded another modular synth video, exploring the Erica Synths Polivoks VCF Clone.

Video: EURORACK MODULE - Erica - Polivoks VCF Clone

" Check out the thread on the Muff Wiggler forum for the DIY build and documentation for this module here

For those that want to skip through ...
1.00 - I cover filtering analogue waveforms with various input levels and resonance in low pass and band pass mode
6.18 - CV inputs - LFO
7.25 - Audio rate modulation
9.03 - CV inputs - Response to varying envelopes with the WMD Multimode Envelope
11.16 - Acid style patch
12.43 - Self oscillation and creating kicks and percussion
14.05 - Simple Bassline and smooth filtering
14.59 - Digital wavetables and sample & hold modulation
16.01 - Filtering drum loops.
So that's it, hope you like the video. As always feel free to comment/like and ask questions. Subscribe to the channel for more videos coming soon." 

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