Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Random Video: Driving the Spaceship - Drones and LFOs by kv3x

More weird sounds from Jim Czech's studio...

Video: Driving the Spaceship - Drones and LFOs by kv3x

" So I snuck the spaceship out of the garage the other night.
Once I got it started, wow, what a ride! Cruising around, carrying on, warp speed, zipping past planets, shooting space rocks, running through the gears, making noise. Well, it's all fun and games until something goes wrong.
There you are, stalled out, broken down, in some dark corner of a far away galaxy. Come on, start, come ooonn...! Oh, yeah, you can be sure I will hear about this one. I'll probably be grounded for-ev-eer!

Synthrotek Chaos Nand (DIY), CV modulated by a Doepfer A-143-4 (and the triangle Sum out into the Sag of the Nand, too), mixed with output from a Pittsburgh Modular VILFO.
The square wave Sum out was run to the 1V/Oct input of Oscillator 1 of the Make Noise DPO.
The Osc 1 triangle output was sent to the same Analogue Solutions MX-61.
The positive out of the MX-61 was fed into the Erica Polivoks filter (another DIY) modulated by the A-145 sine wave into CV2.
The 145 also pinged the A-101-2 LPG. Further, the LFO sine out of the Intellijel Rubicon was input into CV1 of the Common input on the 143.
The final Polivoks low pass output was through the O'Tool, and into the Synthrotek EKO (another easy DIY).
The Rate of the EKO was controlled by the LFO sine output of the Intellijel Dixie II.
And some knob wiggling.
Recorded in one take with a Roland R-26.
In other, more simple words, it's just a bunch of nonsense and noise."

Uploaded by kv3x
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/kv3x

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