Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb Demo by Computing Sound

The Computing.Sound YouTube channel will host videos mainly around music, music technology and sound.
There will be demos, reviews and original music/soundscapes.
Today they posted this nice and long  Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb (audio) demo.

Video: Doepfer A 199 SPRV Spring Reverb Demo

" Hope the video is helpful.
0:08 A-118 Noise -- A-148 Sample & Hold ( A-147 VCLFO as trigger) -- selfresonating A-108 VCF8 as Osc. -- A-199 SPRV
02:36 As before, but this time I send the wet (Reverb Out) and the dry (Mix Out, full Orig. signal)
into the A-114 Ring Mod..
05:36 A-110-1 VCO -- A-108-1 Filter (filter modulation with ADSR, triggered by A-161) -- A-131 VCA -- A-199
06:55 A-118 Noise + Random Volt -- A-108 VCF8
09:11 Arturia Microbrute (internal sequencer) -- A-199 Spring Reverb

Uploaded by Computing.Sound

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