Sunday, April 07, 2013

Custom Wooden Side-panels For Your Synth

I did spend a few words on the wooden side-panels for the Dark Energy / Dark Time that i had seen online more than a year ago.
Until now i had little info on them, but now i have a little bit more.

Dark Energy with custom wooden side-panels
The side-panels are made and sold by Howard, who is calling himself Synthfan73 on eBay UK
He makes and sells these custom made wooden side-panels for all kinds of desktop synths like the Dark Energy (1 and 2), Dark Time, Moog Minitaur, Access Virus b, Waldorf Q(+)
He also created wooden panels for the Clavia Nord Lead Desktop 1 / 2 / 2x, Vermona Mono Lancet and Novation Nova. (see video)

In my opinion they look great and perhaps they are ergonomic too.
If i only had one of these 'Dark' instruments i would definitely try them out.

Due to popular requests, he makes the Dark Energy panels in dark Saple Mahogany wood.
They are coated in Danish finish and fit both Dark Energy and Dark Time and can be found on Ebay UK under 'Doepfer Dark Energy.
£29.99 a set. (+ postage)

Video: Doepfer Dark Energy & Moog Minitaur Custom Panels

" Custom Panels Montage."
Uploaded by Howdy
Available from eBay UK (Not to be confused with the guy in eBay US).

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