Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deep Inside The Doepfer Booth at MusikMesse

Ah... the first pictures and videos from the Doepfer/Alex4 booth at MusikMesse are popping up on the internet.
This first one, from (@steelberryclone on Twitter) shows the inside of the Alex4 booth with a glipse of their new products... 

Video 1: Deep inside the Doepfer booth at MusikMesse

" A quick tour of all the modular stuff you will find in the realms of Doepfer
Nice and bleepy with loads of modules and flashing lights
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SBCLive@MusikMesse2013 "

The next video, from CDMblogs / CDMTV shows a little more of new A-157 Trigger sequencer.

Video 2: Doepfer Sequencers at Musikmesse

" Impressions from the ALEX4 booth, modular sequencers, sequencing. "

SonicState gives a nice overview of the whole Alex4-booth in the next 2 videos, with an introduction by Andreas Schneider from Alex4 (+ Schneiders Buro) in video 3, and an interview with Dieter Doepfer in video 4.

Video 3: MESSE13: Alex4 European Modular Synth Distribution

" MESSE13: Alex4 European Modular Synth Distribution Mr Schneider Tells us all about it "

Video 4: Dr Doepfer Introduces New Synth Modules - MESSE 2013
" MESSE13: A Chat With Dr Doepfer New Serge slew, gate sequencer, MAQ16/3 Dark Edition "

More SonicState MusikMesse videos HERE


  1. Thanks Marc... i could use better ones. Maybe i should really go there next year ;-)