Friday, April 19, 2013

Maxi Schaltwerk

It's weird that i haven't posted any video's of the original Doepfer Schaltwerk sequencer (introduced in 1997) on my blog yet.
After the recent announcement of the upcoming A-157 (or Mini Schaltwerk),
I thought it would be interesting enough to look up more info about the Schaltwerk and share it with you.
It will take some time, but I will post more about it in future blogposts, so here is just a teaser, uploaded 2 years ago by popitem

Video: Doepfer Schaltwerk quick demo
" 3 tracks sequencing a modular synth with cv / gate5 tracks sequencing a midi drum modul (mfb kult)"
uploaded by popitem

As you see there are many differences between the original Schaltwerk and the new A-157/Dark Flow modules.
Besides the size, the main thing is that the new modules will only sequence triggers, and no note/pitch info. That's why i think it will be mainly used for triggering drum-sounds with it, that can ultimately result in very complex rhythms once the A-157-4 controller will be out.

Doepfer A-157 (or Mini Schaltwerk)
prototype at MusikMesse 2013
Funny thing is that the A-157 has the same amount of push-buttons (8 x 16 trigger matrix), only on a much tinier surface.
That's just another thing that i like about the Doepfer modules; many features on space-effective modules.
I am aware that in some cases you can hardly turn a knob if you have big fingers, but luckily I am blessed with small hands and fingers.

The original Schaltwerk is no longer available from Doepfer anymore.
Sometimes used ones pop up on eBay and other sites, good luck finding a second-hand one... I wish i had one too.

ps. There are not many Doepfer Schaltwerk videos on YouTube yet... Feel free to upload more Schaltwerk-videos in the near future if you have one.
Thanks in advance, more Schaltwerk next month...

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