Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Using an A-115 For Complex Waveforms

The A-115 Divider module is very useful to create 'complex' layered basslines, and I use it a lot in my patches.

This module adds 4 separately mixable sub-octaves to your original signal, where F/2 = half the frequency = first sub-octave, F/4 = quarter frequency = second sub-octave, and so on...
Especially if you turn up the original oscillator source up a few octaves, you can get very nice results.

My latest PatchPourri video demonstrates a basic patch, where the original A-111 Oscillator (a square wave, driven by an MAQ16/3 Sequencer) is turned up 4 octaves before it is send into the A-115 Divider.
The A-115 can handle any kind of input waveform, but note that the 4 sub-octaves outputs are all true square waves, so the output provides 4 square waves plus the original signal.

Video: Using an A-115 for complex waveforms - PatchPourri IV by PatchPierre

" Short PatchPierre Tutorial
Equipment used: Doepfer A-100, Roland R8, Elektron Machinedrum "
Uploaded by PatchPierre (subscribe!)

Added filtering will bring even more color to your mixed signal, from here you can route it to anywhere in your system...

This is part 4 in my PatchPourri video-series withs basic patch-examples, find them all HERE

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