Sunday, April 14, 2013

Using an A-118 to Liven Up A Bassline (Look, No Hands)

One of the main problems that I have when performing live with a modular synth is that i only have two hands.
This new PatchPourri post shows an example how to simply  'automate' a filter with an A-118 Noise/Random Voltage module.
This can add a nice random effect to your basslines, with the right settings, and might be useful in live situations where you can't pay attention to everything.

I don't use the Noise audio-outputs of the A-118 Noise/Random Voltages a lot, but i love using the random outputs of this module.
(I even added a 2nd Random output to this module a few weeks ago - find my blog-post about it HERE)

The patch goes as follows;
A sequence on the MAQ16/3 controls an A-111 VCO sawtooth that goes into an A-121 Multimode filter
A-118 RND output controls the Filter cutoff, the other (copied) A-118 RND output controls the Resonance.
I added an envelope to the A-121 CV2-input to make it a little bit more punchy.

No edits or effects... no hands (just watch the LEDs on the A-118)
All hands were free for simple additional drums from my Machinedrum.

Video: Using an A-118 Random Voltage to liven up a bassline - PatchPourri III by PatchPierre

" Short PatchPierre Tutorial (Look... no hands, just watch the A-118's LEDs)
Equipment used: Doepfer A-100 system,A-118 Noise/RND Voltage and A-121 Multimode BandPass filter plus Roland R8 and Machinedrum"

This principle was also (maybe even better) used in one of my earlier A-120 videos, just keep your eye on the yellow wire.

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