Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Video: Cumulus 2 - The Bridge by Glitzerstrahl

Glitzerstrahl has uploaded the sequel in his Cumulus series of videos. (Find part 1 HERE /work in progress)
Interesting noises this time again, made with a great variety of Eurorack modules, find a full list at

Video: Cumulus 2 - The Bridge by Glitzerstrahl

" Part two in the tentatively named Cumulus series. Based entirely on the modular synth, with the exception of the kick drum. This track continues to explore the theme of sound textures started with the Cumulus 1, but this time with a higher tempo.
The track was recorded in multiple layers with the Morphing Terrarium as the primary sound source, except for some guest play from time to time by the Bubblesound VCOs. Only reverb was added as an effect while mixing the layers. There are no other computer generated effects.

Of course, all layers where recorded as continues 'live' recordings, each track 'over dubbing' the previous ones. The video was recorded in separate takes for each layer, and since all I have is a web camera and iMovie the results are... not exactly stellar. But at least it gives you some pretty light to look at as an excuse to listen to the track! ;-P Not all of the layers where filmed so if you are trying to match up knob-wiggling with actual sound it wont exactly match all the time :).

Modules are from Doepfer, XAOC Devices, Synthesis Technology, Bubblesound, TipTop Audio, Pittsburgh Modular and 4ms. "
Uploaded by GlitzerstrahlMusic (subscribe!)

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