Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gezeiten Modular Ultima Ratio TYP1 Cascading Clock

Another newcomer in the Eurorack-scene is Gezeiten Modular, a Berlin based manufacturer of Eurorack compatible Synthesizer Modules. (Gezeiten means Tides in German)
The Ultima Ratio Cascading Clock is the first product they recently released in a small series.
Gezeiten Ultima Ratio
TYP1 Cascading Clock
The Gezeiten Ultima Ratio is an 8HP wide intuitive playable Clock Divider, Clock Generator and Dual AR Envelope.

You can use it
- to synchronize sequencers with independent time signatures
- as an performance like instrument when you play the divider ratios
- to provide and distribute a stable system clock
- to fire envelopes in a live performance to rhythmically control filters or VCAs in musically meaningful ratios
- to mult triggers

The Ultima Ratio is available at first in a small batch as a DIY kit.
Ordering info can be found at

Video: Dividing Clocks: Gezeiten Ultima Ratio Eurorack Module

"Playing along with my eurorack modular synthesizer and testing the Gezeiten Ultima Ratio clock divider module.
The track is entirely made with the modular with just the inevitable addition of reverb :)
The Ultima Ratio is used to provide 3 clock streams to synchronize the Grids drum sequencer and both Moskwa sequencers with different clock resolutions.
I play with the clock ratios in realtime and also make use of the makro attack/release envelope generator to provide control voltage to modulate the cutoff frequency of a dual Korgasmatron filter.

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