Tuesday, September 23, 2014

These Hopeful Machines Radio Documentary Re-Run and Expanded website

Almost a year ago i posted about a wonderful radio-documentary 'These Hopeful Machines', a New-Zealand electronic music -documentary that was broadcasted earlier that year during the Sound Lounge radio-programme...

Now their expanded website is online, and the programme will be aired again...
 Here is the email that i got from producer James Gardner today...

" Hi Pierre
I hope this message finds you well.
I'm please to say that at long last, (it's only taken about a year...) the expanded website for my series 'These Hopeful Machines' is now up and running here:

There are full listings of all the music played in the series, links and a bibliography as well as interview transcripts - starting here:
and outtakes here:

Because of Radio New Zealand's house website style, some of the pages are very long, so you will need to do a lot of scrolling down to see all of the content!
I'd be very grateful if you'd post this news on your PatchPierre blog, and please feel free to spread the word via social media.

In case you have some New Zealand readers, they may like to know that the series is being broadcast (and streamed) again, this time on Radio New Zealand National (not Concert) on Fridays at 11pm, during 'Nights with Bryan Crump'. So that should get it to a slightly bigger real-time audience...

In the meantime, I wish you all the very best

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