Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Qu-Bit Electronix RT60 DSP Multi-FX

Qu-Bit Electronix (known from their debut Eurorack Nebulæ audio file player/granular oscillator) recently released a few new modules.
I will blog about the Nano Rand once i know a bit more... but first this...

QU-Bit RT60
The RT60 is an 8HP wide, skiff-friendly stereo multi-effects processor that features 7 high quality DSP effects running from the venerable Spin Semiconductor FV-1 chip. 
It sounds very impressive and the cool thing is that all parameters of this module can be controlled via CV, even the switching between effects.

Main Features:
- Wet/dry control
- Voltage control over ALL parameters.
- Stereo in/out
- 7 unique DSP effects including reverb, delay, flange, tremolo and pitch shift
- Dynamic switching of effects
- Power consumption: 70mA

Also check out the initial demo that bigcitymusic published today, find it at http://youtu.be/BeWFWqa1pDA

Video 1: RT60
More info at http://www.qubitelectronix.com/ 
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/qubitelectronix
,or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qubitelectronix
and Instagram: http://instagram.com/qubitelectronix

Video 2:  Qu-Bit Electronix RT60 Audio Demo by ToothsVideo

" Qu-Bit Electronix RT60 Eurorack Module Audio Demo
A simple audio only demo of the Qu-Bit RT60's seven different effects. All effects have been recorded at the smallest and largest settings as well as minimum to fully wet so you'll be able to hear the tone and the subtleties/extremities of each of the 7 effects.
You will hear a bit of the dry patch before each effect is mixed in -
Verb 1 - 0:00
Verb 2 - 1:09
Chorus - 2:30
Tremolo - 3:39
Flanger - 4:40
Delay - 8:11
Pitch - 10:58

Patch info - Maths Envelope & Clock / Rene Sequence / AFG Oscillator, Sub + Alien Saw / STG Moog / Mixer / Doepfer A-132-2 VCA / no filter
Live modulation of effects, no CV used on the RT60. Used as the last module in the patch.

More info go here -
http://www.facebook.com/tooths.com.au "
Uploaded by Toothsvideo

Video 3: RT60 Tutorial by Collin Russell

" This is a tutorial for the Qu-Bit Electronix RT60.
Table of Contents
Introduction: 0:00
Verb 1: 0:28
Verb 2: 1:19
Chorus: 2:05
Flange: 2:50
Tremolo: 3:35
Delay/Pitch Shift: 4:27
Pitch Shift: 5:23
Knob & CV Overview: 5:57
Effect Selection Modes: 6:18

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