Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hinton Instruments Gearbox

Hinton Instruments was quite an unknown name for me up until now, but they have been releasing a few highly interesting modules lately.
The Gearbox is one of them.

Hinton Instruments Gearbox. Basic version on the left,
full version with DIN panel on the right
This module was developed in response to a request on the Muffwiggler forum.
( The full thread discussion may be read here )

The Gearbox is a compact module that converts and locks analogue, MIDI and DINSync timing clocks together.
Any one source may be master and the other two follow in synchronisation.

The Gearbox module is available in two versions: a basic 8HP module with a single 5-pin DIN socket that may be used as one input or output or a full version with manual transport control switches and a separate 6HP panel containing four DIN I/O connectors.

Main Features:
- Four analogue inputs: Clock, Pause, Start and Stop
- Five analogue clock pulse outputs, 5V or 10V levels set by links:
- Reset, ÷6, ÷8, ÷12, ÷24 clocks
- Manual illuminated switches: Start and Stop/Cont
- MIDI In and Out
- DIN-Sync In and Out
- 8HP width with mini-jack (EJ), Banana 4mm (EB) or Bantam/TT 4.4mm (ET) jacks
- 120mm deep.
- 6HP width panel for DIN connectors, may be placed away from main panel.

Any analogue signals may be used as inputs enabling slow rising waveforms to be used as jitter free controls.
MIDI and DINSync sequencers and drum machines and DAWs may be controlled by analogue signals and vice versa.
Analogue sequencers may be driven by MIDI or DINSync clocks and commands.

Because all timing is divided down rather than multiplied up there is no sloppy timing with tempo changes.

 More details and specifications at

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