Friday, September 05, 2014

Ginko Synthese Sampleslicer KickStarter Project

Products from the Netherlands get some special attention at PatchPierre.Net.

SampleSlicer prototype
Jan Willem from Ginkosynthese is slowly uncovering the KickStarter project plans for the Ginko Synthese Sampleslicer Eurorack Module.

" The Sampleslicer is a real-time monophonic sampler, including a 16 step voltage-controlled sequencer.The incoming sound is chopped up automatically into 16 parts by the incoming clock signal and spread out over the16 steps in the internal sequencer."

The first batch will be manufactured from a crowdfunding project.
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Read more about this project on Kickstarter.

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Video: Intro

Video: Ginko Synthese SAMPLESLICER demo by Jan Willem

New updates will be added later...
" Last but not least: If we reach the goal, we will create an add-on module to use pre-recorded samples from a memory card, and moreover it opens a way for us to develop even more awesome modules!""

Update Oct. 20 2014:

As you probably know the sampleslicer kickstarter is successfully funded. Thank you all for the support! 

The sampleslicer will be shipped to all backers around 20th of december. 
We work hard to get this date stipt. 
If you where not able to be part of the kickstarter project there are two options to get a sampleslicer. 
1: there will be a short period for ordering on my (people on the waitinglist will get a mail about this) 
or 2: wait for the retailers as we will drop some modules at retailers afterwards

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