Monday, September 22, 2014

ZAelectronic Cyclops II Demos by miip999

miip999 uploaded two videos featuring the Zetangas ZAelectronic Cyclops II light controlled delay module.
Zetangas ZAelectronic is formerly known as Zebranalogic before 2009
The cyclops II is the improved version of the earlier cyclops I, and has been implemented with a mayor control of the LFO, with three controls:

Speed: Controls the velocity level of the LFO oscillator, varying the intensity of the frequency.
Wave form: Controls the waveform, according to the variation the wave transforms from square to triangular or vice versa by turning the knob.
Depth: Determines the depth level. This control determines the amount of light transmitted from the stick to change the sound of the Cyclops 2.

The Cyclops 2 has two additional controls:
Feedback: Controls the feedback level of your sound
Warning!!!!! Setting this control to its max can create an uncontrollable feedback sound.
Level: determines the sound level of the effect, in relation to a clean guitar.

In the first video miip999 explains the main functions of this module, and in the other video he performs a six and a half minute long soundscape including the CyclopsII module...

Video: Cyclops II Eurorack Verison by Zetangas ZAelectronics

" Overview over Cyclops II Eurorack Verison by Zetangas ZAelectronics.
Cyclops II is a Light controlled delay for eurorack modular synthesizer

Delay: Delay Level, Feedback,
Envelope: Depht, Attack 10ms-5s, Decay 10ms-10s,
Eye (delay sensor): Light input 0 - +10v.max

Technical details:
Input impedance 2,2Mohm
output 470 ohm
Current consumption 100mA
Usable with gate and trigger.
Delay time apron. 342ms"
Video 2: Cyclops delay eurorack

" first glimpse of Zetangas Cyclops Eurorack module.
Cyclops is a light controlled delay, there will be more clips with cyclops soon..."
Uploaded by miip999

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