Saturday, October 04, 2014

Dtronics Digidrum 80s Style Eurorack Drum Module

Dtronics uploaded a video of their latest Eurorack module, the Digidrum.
(NOT the most original name btw...)
Here shown are 8 identical modules, with each of them carrying with a different (Linn) drum sample.
I'm impressed of how authentic it sounds, i hope to add more info soon...

Video: Dtronics Digidrum, 80's style eurorack drum module

" Dtronics Digidrum, 80's style eurorack drum module.
With a 80's soundset ( 8 sounds ). the samples are recorded with an Oberheim Prommer to get the right sound.

The unit also accepts home made sounds ( you have to put them in an serial eeprom or you can buy complete soundsets)
or you can place one original 4K eprom with your Linndrum / DMX sound.

-accepts original LINN / DMX etc eproms (2732 / 4K)
-accepts serial eeprom with custom sounds
-Sound can be tuned to the extreme (to get thos dirty strange sounds)
-only 6HP wide

More info soon here and on the Dtronics website."

Uploaded by Dtronicsmusic

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