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Medic Modules Cranial Saw - Advanced VCO / SUB Eurorack Module Demo by Rezfilter

Medic Modules Cranial Saw Eurorack Module
rezfilter made a nice video demonstrating the features of the 38HP wide Medic Modules Cranial Saw.
The Cranial Saw is a dual VCO
with Glide, Sync, Sub Oscillator, Pulse Width Modulation, Mixer and Cross Modulator.

" It features two discrete component VCOs based on early 1970s circuits so they sound very vintage and are full of character.

The dual VCO performs best in mid to low range, and combined with the Sub-Osc, produces huge, powerful sounds.
The main pitch CV input goes through a Glide / portamento circuit.
There are modulation CV inputs with attenuators. Also, VCO2 has its own CV Mod input.
Each VCO has a Pulse Width slider and PWM CV input sockets.
The VCOs also have Sync.
Cross modulation is possible by taking the output of say VCO1 and patching this to VCO2’s Mod CV input.
The built in mixer allows the two VCOs and the Sub-Osc to be mixed via their own attenuators.
The mixer has its own audio output of course, but the VCOs and Sub-Osc also have pre-mixer, fixed level individual outputs.
The two VCOs each can be switched between Saw or Square waveforms.

VCO1 can be set to ‘Freerun’.
This means it will not track the incoming pitch CV.
VCO1 can be disconnected from the Glide circuit.
Features such as Freerun, and the Glide disconnect of VCO1, as well as individual Mod CV for VCO2, allow a great range of sounds and weird effects to be produced when cross mod is patched, or Sync used.
A lot of thought has been put into all this. Please take a look at the videos on Analogue Solutions web site and YouTube channel for examples. The idea is to allow production of a wide range of VCO sound effects with the minimum amount of patched, though, of course, patching can be done.
All sliders incorporate a LED in their shafts. The Tune slider will flash in accordance to the pitch of VCO1."

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Video: Medic Modules Cranial Saw - Advanced VCO / SUB Eurorack Module

" The Cranial Saw is an advanced VCO / SUB eurorack module with glide, featuring a whole range of flexible modulation possibilities to appease even the most demanding musicians and euro enthusiasts."

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