Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slow Nova Modules Probably

SlowNova Probably
Slow Nova Modules is a small company from Boston that sells hand built Eurorack modules and kits.
Today they published the first proper build of their latest module with the new face-plates on Twitter.

The Probably module is a dual 2 to 1 analog multiplexer with probability based switching.On each clock a random number decides which input is connected to the output. The likelihood can be set independently for each switch.

A, B, C, D - -12V to 12V
Clock - 0 to 10V
A/B - -12V to 12V
C/D - -12V to 12V

Switching Time - 75ns
Current Draw - 14.5ma

The module will be on sale soon for 150 USD,
(i believe it is already sold out though)

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