Monday, October 06, 2014

Entrospec Iungo CV-to-MIDI Eurorack Module

Another new Eurorack manufacturer, now from Bristol, introducing a CV-to-MIDI converter with a twist...

Entrospec Iungo
The Entrospec Iungo is designed to bridge the worlds of modular synthesizers and MIDI controlled instruments.
This module lets you create both monophonic and polyphonic sequences to play your MIDI gear, all controlled by your cv and gate generating modular system.

The Iungo is in essence a CV to MIDI converter, but instead of acting as a direct translator, this module gives you voltage control of the MIDI data stored in banks and patches.
It has the following features:

- Stored MIDI data accessed via cv and gate inputs.
- Banks will store up to 16 notes and rests. Each note can have an independent MIDI channel.
- Each bank can also store 1 program change message.
- 5 memory locations to store patches
- “Chord” mode outputs all notes in a bank simultaneously when triggered.
- “Seq” mode outputs each note in a bank consecutively upon receiving a gate s- ignal.
- “Poly Seq” mode runs all 5 banks in sequencer mode simultaneously.
- The length of each bank is independent, allowing for more complex sequences to be produced.
- Chords and sequences can be transposed via the MIDI input.
- Velocity of MIDI data is determined by the amplitude of the gate signal.
- MIDI input and output via 2.5mm stereo jack to 5 pin DIN cables. The same format adopted by iOS devices.
- Panel size 6HP
- Module depth 41mm
- Maximum current consumption 59mA on +12V "

Price: £139.99 + postage, included with each module are two 2.5mm stereo to 5 pin DIN MIDI cables.

A few demos highlight some of the functionality that Iungo provides:

Video 1: Iungo from Entrospec

" A short demo that highlights some of the functionality that Iungo provides. Integrating MIDI controlled instruments with modular synthesizers by allowing voltage control of MIDI data.
A little about the patches:
1 - CV and Gate inputs from Make Noise Rene
2 - Gate from Shuffling Clock Multiplier, voltage offset scrolls through the 5 sequences, then random CV input from noise/sample & hold through an offset generator.
3 - Gate from Shuffling Clock Multiplier "

Video 2: Entrospec Iungo and Hexinverter Midi2cv

" Iungo in polyphonic sequencer mode being used to sequence 3 vco's via a Hexinverter midi2cv.
The vco's are out of shot, the cv outputs of the midi2cv control the pitch of each vco, and the gates trigger envelopes, 2 from the Make Noise Maths and a third out of shot.
The envelopes and vco outputs are patched to 3 channels of a Make Noise QMMG.

Midi2cv is in Poly 4 mode, so each cv and gate pair is addressed with a different midi channel. Note sequences have been stored in the Iungo beforehand, and the parts are brought in by unmuting them in the mute menu.
Iungo is clocked from a 4ms SCM. The pulsewidth of the triggers are increased towards the end, increasing the width of the gates going to the envelopes."

Videos uploaded by Entrospec

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