Friday, October 17, 2014

Modular Theremin Explorations by Wellurban

I wrote earlier about the possibilities of the A-178 Theremin Control Voltage Source outside the 'recreating a Theremin sound' spectrum.

The voltages out of the A-178 can be used for controlling any voltage controlled parameter of your Eurorack, like pitch or pulsewidth, loudness, panning, filter frequency or resonance from all of the filter modules, phasing, frequency shifting, envelope parameters and tempo, to name just a few.

YouTube user Wellurban created a video with some great examples...

Video: Modular Theremin Explorations by Wellurban

" Playing with a Doepfer A178 Theremin Voltage Source module to control various aspects of modular synthesiser patches (rather than just pitch and amplitude, as with a traditional theremin)."

Uploaded by wellurban

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