Saturday, October 04, 2014

Random Video: Modular Carousel by diafragma365

I found this one on YouTube....

Video: Modular Carousel by diafragma365

" An unprocessed recording of a rather simple but musical patch on my eurorack.
It started as a test of the Scale Select Mode of the Intellijel μScale II, with the Make Noise Pressure Points & Brains used to step through a simple sequence of eight chords.

A Make Noise Maths in combination with a Doepfer S&H were used as a random arpeggiator for the organ-like sound from the Synthesis Technology Morphing Terrarium, going through the E440 VCF to the Make Noise Echophon and Erbe-Verb in order to create some room around the sound.

The rhythm for the “organ” arpeggios is somehow randomized by applying a randomized Ginkosynthese TTLFO multiplication function to a tempo from the ALM Pamela’s Workout, the basic tempo engine for this patch.

While the bass kick sound is a straight 4/4, the hi hat is triggered by a patch on the 4MS QCD, partially controlled per measure by the Make Noise Pressure Points and Brains.

This patch was a nice experiment for me to introduce some randomness in a limited musical framework of eight chords and the sound reminds me of the organ going mad with its short notes on the carousel on the fair where I used to go as a child."

Uploaded by diafragma365

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