Friday, October 24, 2014

SiteTip: Equipboard

These last few weeks i have been trying out a 'new' music start-up called Equipboard.
The site mainly focuses on the question: What gear do my favorite music artists use?

" Equipboard is a community-built database of artists and the gear they use.
Launched in late 2013, this growing community of gear-obsessed music fans have already made the connection between 13,147 products and 4,480 artists – everything from Jimi Hendrix’s guitars and amps to Aphex Twin’s arsenal of electronics.
In addition to contributing, users can create their own equipment boards to share the gear they have or want, and participate in authentic conversations about their favorite artists and brands.

Artists and brands can claim or create a profile to add additional content and participate in conversations with fans.
Some of the brands already using Equipboard include: AIAIAI, Intellijel, Fab Filter, Lennar Digital, Bohemian Guitars."

I have tried it out now for almost a month and i like the idea of it.
The site certainly looks great, you can find a lot of info on the kits of known (and unknown) producers/artists but the list of instruments is still far from complete...
Luckily it is easy to add your own instruments, so i have put my full studio-setup up at

I did not spend any time on uploading all my Eurorack modules, because i did that already on  ModularGrid, which does almost the same (but only modular synthesizers), but also mainly with user-generated data.
There's a nice (but still small) community that can interact/like/follow together, but there's not a lot activity (with me) yet... it could use some more contributors/members.

Check it out for yourself at:

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