Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Plankton Electronics Earwig Rectifying Mixer

Plankton Electronics Earwig Rectifying Mixer
The Earwig is a Eurorack format Rectifying Mixer made by Plankton Electronics.

" The core of each channel are two half wave rectifiers and one full wave rectifier. 
There is also gain, pre and post-rectifier bias and an inverter amp. 2 CV bias inputs are provided to modulate the signal. 
Each channel accepts audio and CV signals. 
The Earwave is available at the stores as a modular kit or fully assembled."

Video: The Earwig - Rectifying Mixer - Basic Functions

" Demo for the Earwig eurorack module. Basic channel functions. More info at"

Video uploaded by Plankton Elec

You can find more videos at
and read about it on MuffWiggler:

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