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With my upcoming donations i would finally like to get my mixing-desk fixed.
Something blew up inside (I guess the fan) and the estimated costs are around 250 Euros which I don't have at the moment.
...and it's been broken since July...
I cant make any videos or record anything for you and myself... :-(

Your help will be appreciated a lot, and
will be a win-win situation for both of us ;-).
Thank you in advance!

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54,00 Euro
plus 350,00 Euros worth of modules*
updated October 13, 2014

All sponsors will be mentioned below, let me know if you don't want your (full) name mentioned here.

Supporters of PatchPierre:

- Dieter Doepfer*

- Bert Bocklandt
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I am reconsidering to put ads on the site in 2015, these will only appear in the right-hand column (Matrixsynth-style), so not in or between the blogposts...