Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More A-190-4 News

I contacted Dieter Doepfer about the A-190-4 USB/MIDI-to-CV/Gate/ Sync Interface that showed up at a modular synthesizer workshop in Munich earlier this month...
They showed a prototype of a module that wasn't announced yet, and i was glad Dieter had a bit more information.

A-190-4 prototype
He replied to me that the A-190-4 will replace the A-190-1 as the A-190-1 has been developed more than 15 years ago and is a bit old-fashioned and long-winded to operate.
Mainly the missing display has been complained by several customers (i.e. no display of the parameter like midi channel, reference note, scale settings, portamento and pitch-bend range, clock divider, status of the built-in (software) LFO and so on). 

The basic functions of the A-190-4 will be the same as the A-190-1 but the man-machine interface will be better because of the display that shows the parameter value. It will also be equipped with USB. 

The module is still in the prototype state and they expect that it will be available end of 2013 or early in 2014. 
Pricing was not yet available.

At this time Doepfer could not promise that an arpeggiator will be included. 
The programmer of the A-190-4 (Christian Assall) has to decide if this feature will be available (maybe in a future firmware version as the module can be updated via USB)

I guess it does have a little bit more processing power than the original A-190-1, because the 'promised' arpeggiator function on that module never got released.
Last year Dieter already explained to me that there were plans to add an arpeggiator when the A-190-1 was designed about 15 years ago. 
But they found out later that the processor power was not sufficient to add this feature...

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