Thursday, November 14, 2013

Doepfer A-166-2 Logic Module Announced

Via the Doepfer A-100 Usergroup on Yahoo we found out today that Dieter and his crew are working on an additional logic module (A-166-2).

Not the new, but the 'old'
A-166 Dual Logic Module
You probably remember the original A-166 Dual Logic Module, which is a double logic device that combines digital control / clock signals.
Read all about that module HERE.
A typical application of this module is the combination of digital signals of the A-100 gates, clocks and triggers to obtain "gated" clocks or rhythmic clock patterns.

The new A-166-2 "...will also include - among other functions - a flipflop.
( The output will turn high as soon as the first pulse of the "gate stream at audio rate" appears and stay high until the gate turns low.)
Sometimes I'd like to have a flipflop function in certain patches.
A simple zero-crossing comparator could be added to this module too. 
The A-166-2 will probably also include a rising edge detector (outputs a short pulse at the rising edge of a digital input signal) and a falling edge detector (outputs a short pulse at the falling edge of a digital input signal).
I think also about a pitch-change-detector (or more general CV-change-detector). 
It outputs a signal whenever a CV connected to it's input changes (probably with three outputs: positive/negative/both). 

So far there is no front panel layout available as I'm still fiddling about the arrangement of the sockets and controls, which features will be finally included and which front panel width (4/6/8 HP) is the best compromise."

Price and availability are still unknown...

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