Monday, December 20, 2010

Modifications II : A-127 Triple Resonance Filter Expander

Now that i finished my first 'real' module-modification i couldn't wait to start with the next project.
At first i wanted to replace a red LED for a blue one on one of my modules myself, but i couldn't decide which module i should pick for this... and i'm still not sure, but that can wait....

Another plan that was in my head from the beginning was the placing of 3 switches on the front-plate of my A-127 Triple Resonance Filter. There are 3 jumpers inside this module that allow the user to switch the filter-type of each of the three channels between Band-Pass (standard) and 12 dB Low-Pass. I have seen some examples on the web of this modification, most of them just with the switches mounted on the A-127 itself, but unexperienced as i am, i was too afraid to damage the front-panel and went for an Expander Module design.

So that is why i am building it into an official 4HP blind-panel that i bought from Doepfer. Each of the three A-127 channels on my expander module design will have a switch to switch the channel's filter-mode and will also provide an extra (linked) audio output.
( mainly to fill up the space, but i aligned these with the A-127's original outputs to make it look more like an official Doepfer module ) .

To complete the expander module i also want to place a switch at the bottom that has the function of the J3 jumper that is inside the A-127 module on the mix circuit-board. This switch can put the module in a mode so that both levels of the filter and the original can be controlled with attenuator 1 ( audio level in )

I am not finished with the project yet, the mounting of the switches and extra outputs is done. Wiring is the next step, i'll write another post on that later this week...
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Update March 10, 2014
Doepfer announced an official Breakout Module for the A-127,
find out all about it at

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  1. Great idea Pierre, as much as I like mod'ing synth modules some things are better on a 'buddy' module. I have several 'buddy' module ideas that may come out as kits later in the new year. It's also a great idea to blog your 'journey', I'm sure it'll help lots of up and coming enthusiasts.