Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wooden Ribbon Controller Project Part 1

Today I decided to pick up an old idea that i had for a long time.
Whenever i play the Ribbon Controller, i tend to hold it like a guitar, not like most do on a tabletop surface.

I have always loved the combination of wooden elements and synthesizers.
This combination was/is still very popular since the early 1970's.
Look at all those (Mini)Moogs and many other synths with wooden side-panels for example...
That is why i also decided to make my Ribbon Controller out of wood.
It looks like a found a nice solution to an earlier project too.

So today i bought myself a nice piece of wood in the local woodshop.
On forehand i had the idea that the handle of an axe might be the kind of thing that i needed.
They had a few different sizes, but i found a hardwood unpainted axe hande that was 90 centimeters (3ft.) long and perfectly shaped and curved.
I might make it a bit shorter later, but for now this will do just fine.

I dismantled my old Ribbon Controler (i do own another one, the newer version) and drawn out the shape of it on the axe handle. I used 3 screws to fixate the fingerboard while doing that.
Next up is the carving... i want to sink the fingerboard into the handle, but that means i need to carve at least half a centimeter deep.

I already carved the first bit like the last picture shows, but i still have a long way to carve.
But i need to get myself a new chisel now so you will have to wait how this project will continue.
I will keep you updated... but don't expect this to be finished before 2012.