Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alternative Controllers: Dmitry Shtatnov's Wob-Wob Fader

Dmitry Shtatnov uploaded a nice video from his latest DIY-project/invention.
He created a CV-source module that consists of an 8 HP front-panel with two faders, two separate mini-jack outputs and a switch.

Dmitry's Wob-Bob fader
The faders generate CV voltages, and each fader has its own output.
A switch is added to select between (regular) fader mode and so-called wob-wob mode with a 0V.-centre in the middle.
I must say it does create a nice effect, and IMO not only suitable for making Dub-Step...

Dmitry even shares the schemetics if you're interested in this project, contact him via his site or via YouTube.

Video: Wob-Wob Filter
" This short demonstration shows my little invention: CV-source dedicated for Dub-Step drops. Unlike regular fader, this one has its maximal value on the middle position. Schematics available. It's very simple and it's free for non-commercial use.
You can get schematic here:
R2 and R3 can be replaced with 4.7k to increase the sweep width."
Uploaded by rpocc

As an alternative you could also use the A-174-2 Modulation Wheels CV Source for this.
This module has 2 wheels, and comes standard as one spring loaded wheel with bipolar voltage output, and one wheel without spring with only positive voltage output as a standard.
For each wheel two jumpers are available: one for the voltage range (positive or bipolar) and one for the voltage plateau around 0 V.
Another option to re-create this effect would be with an A-174(-1) Joystick module...

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